Engineering Drawings Organizer aku pdf download | Bihar engineering 1/2 semester organizers

When you are in your 1st year of B.Tech, you might find yourself hard pressed to get hold of all the necessary documents – architectural drawings for your 1st semester project or detail drawing etc. You might also have heard your seniors or friends talking about some newbie who got kicked out of college because he/she couldn't submit the coursework on time. But do you really know how to become tech savvy 1st year engineer?

Engineering Drawings Organizer aku  pdf download | Bihar engineering 1/2 semester organizers

Organizing engineering/architecture drawings is a cumbersome task. This article will provide you with the key tips and guidelines for managing drawings efficiently.

Aku EGD organizer (micro) 30 MB

You've been using engineering drawings and notes for years, but likely in a slipshod and disorganized fashion — until now! This comprehensive engineering drawings organizer keeps you organized from day one.

This is a download e-Book if you have First Year Engineering Drawing and have ever been in doubt regarding where to look for this information.I have spent quite some time in trying to track down which drawing book has it all and I am happy to say that, I now have. An extensive collection of Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical engineering drawiing

If you love creating 3-D architectural visualizations and engineering drawings, the Engineering Drawings Organizer is a must-have. This premium product was designed to streamline your design process allowing you to rapidly draft technical diagrams, layouts and electronics schematics.

Engineering Drawings Organizer aku  pdf download  | 1st year organizer download | Aku organizer of all semester

Aku is the student's version of the legendary "red book" used by professionals to organize their drawings. It is the ultimate toolkit for all engineering students:

Engineering Drawings Organizer

Engineering drawing organizer of all semester. In a PDF format for easy downloading.
A4 Size (210×297 mm) Total Pages: 143
Total Sheets: 70 
Pages Per Sheet: 2 
Pages Per Set : 6 


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