aku 3rd sem organizer pdf computer science and engineering | aku organizer pdf 3rd semester

Download aku third semester organizer pdf computer science and engineering here. The latest official aku 3rd semester organizer pdf computer science and engineering from the official akubtechbihar an overview of all topics, assignments, exams and course details . This one of the best sources for aku organizers for students in University or College level who wants to get organized notes.

Aku 3rd semester organizer pdf is a guide with the main objective to help students in the form of a booklet and it can be used as a reference book. The handbook contains all the important information that the student needs to know while taking exams at this level.

aku 3rd sem organizer pdf computer science and engineering |  aku organizer pdf 3rd semester

Organizer PDF is a very important part of the examination process, because it helps you keep track of your study plan, which can be helpful in organizing your time and effort. The organizer also contains a list of all the topics that should be covered before appearing for the exam. It will help you organize your daily work so that you don’t spend too much time on one topic or chapter and end up having no time for other topics or chapters.

The organizer also gives you an idea about how many hours should be spent on each topic per day, what types of questions are asked in each topic (example: multiple choice questions), etc., which makes it easier for students to prepare well-researched answers for their exams.


In conclusion, the computer science and engineering can be a tough course to study. It requires good understanding of many concepts, from basic knowledge like variables and loops that are used in programming languages like Java. The course also covers topics like data structures like arrays or linked lists which are very important for solving problems in information technology related fields such as networking or operating systems design. Therefore it is essential that students get acquainted with these concepts early on so they don’t have any problem solving questions later down the line when they are faced with assignments or exams.

Computer Science ENGG.  3rd Sem organizer

Data Structure & Algorithms(DSA) Click HereClick Here 
Object Oriented Programming using C++(OOP)Click HereClick Here
Mathematics III [ Differential Calculus]Click HereClick Here
Analog Electronic Circuits(AEC) Click HereClick Here
Technical-writing(TW) Click HereClick Here


General Aptitude & Reasoning (GATE /ESE) Latest NotesColoredClick Here
Engineering Ethics & ValuesB&WClick Here 
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)B&WClick Here 

Click Here 
B&WClick Here 
C++ ProgrammingB&WClick Here
Java ProgrammingB&WClick Here
Python ProgrammingB&WClick Here
PHP ProgrammingB&WClick Here
HTML ProgrammingB&WClick Here
Machine LearningB&WClick Here
Artificial IntelligenceB&WClick Here

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