Engineering Drawing (EGD) Notes PDF Free Download

Engineering Drawing (ED) Notes PDF Free Download. This is one of the important subjects for Engineering students. This subject will help the students in their career to make technical drawings of components and assemblies. The drawings should be made according to the instructions provided in the engineering drawing. The students should know how to read and understand the engineering drawings. The notes provided in this PDF will help the students to understand the basic concepts of engineering drawing.

Engineering Drawing (ED) Notes PDF Free Download 2022

ED notes help engineering students in understanding various concepts related to engineering drawing. These notes provide an overview of the different types of engineering drawings as well as the various symbols and abbreviations that are used in these drawings. ED notes also discuss the different projection methods that can be used to create engineering drawings.These notes cover all the aspects related to engineering drawings from creating the drawings to their projection methods.

ED drawings must conform to certain standards in order to be legible and useful. These standards are set by international organizations such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ED drawings typically include dimensions notes symbols and other annotations. 

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In the field of engineering the term ‘yellow book engineering drawing’ is sometimes used. This started with the idea that there is a standard for engineering drawings. Engineers started using the term Yellow book engineering drawing in the end of 20th century. The yellow book contains a set of guidelines used in drawing engineering diagrams. It was developed to help engineers get better precision while creating their drawings. The yellow book was developed keeping in mind the specific requirements of drawing engineering diagrams. The book was designed to help the engineers know how to get better precision while creating the drawings. The book contains a set of specifications and examples to help the engineers create a design with better accuracy. The book was originally developed to help electricians. However today there are many engineers who use the yellow book to help them in their work. Yellow book engineering drawing has made the process of creating diagrams

What is Engineering Drawing (ED) ?

Engineering Drawing (ED) is a graphical language that is used by engineers to communicate their ideas and designs. Engineering drawings are usually created in two or three dimensions. Two-dimensional drawings are known as plans while three-dimensional drawings are called models or assemblies. Engineering drawings are often created using computer-aided design (CAD) software.

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civil Engineering Drawing (ED) is a specialized type of drawing that provides graphical representation of physical objects and systems. It is used in the engineering field to communicate ideas and information between engineers technicians and other personnel involved in a project. The main purpose of ED is to provide a standard means of communication between engineering team members. It is also used to document the design of systems and components. ED is different from other types of drawings in several ways. First it uses specialized symbols and notations that are not typically found in other drawings. Second it is often not meant to be a finished product but merely a tool for conveying ideas and information. Finally it is often created using computer software which allows for a more accurate and detailed representation of the objects being designed. drafters and other professionals. ED drawings are usually created using computer-aided design (CAD) software but they can also be created by hand. The main purpose of ED drawings is to convey engineering information in a clear concise and accurate way.

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Engineering Drawing (ED) is a basic engineering subject. It is one of the important subjects for Engineering students. Every Engineering student must have a good knowledge of ED. The main objective of this subject is to make the students understand the basics of drawing sketching pictorial views projections etc. This will help them in their further studies and in their career as well. This book covers the entire syllabus of ED in a very simple and concise manner. The book is divided into four parts viz. viewpoints projections sections and pictorial views. At the end of each chapter appropriate questions are given that will help the students to understand the subject properly and also in their examination. About the author This book has been authored by N. K. Venkatesh and K. R. Venkatesh. Both are world renowned authors in the field of Engineering. They have authored several bestsellers like Engineering Mechanics Electrical Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering Electrical Machines and Power Electronics.

Unit 1 Introduction-to-engineering-drawing
Link – EGD Unit 1 Notes

unit 2 orthographic-projections
Link – EGD Unit 2 Notes

unit 3 projections-of-regular-solids
Link – EGD Unit 3 Notes

unit 4 ections-and-sectional-views-of-right-angular-solids
Link – EGD Unit 4 Notes

Link –  EGD Unit 5 Notes

Link –  EGD Unit 6 Notes

Link –  EGD Unit 7 Notes

Link –  EGD Unit 8 Notes

Link –  EGD Unit 9 Notes

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There are many books available for this subject. But I would recommend "Engineering Drawing Notes PDF Free Download" by N. D. Bhatt and Panchal which is very good and covers all the topics very well. This book will give you a strong foundation in engineering drawing. It covers all the topics in a very systematic manner. The theory is well explained with the help of solved examples. The book also contains a large number of worked out examples and practice problems.

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