AKU notes pdf for Engineering Chemistry Aku btech bihar

Are you an engineering student in Bihar? If so, you may be looking for a 1st year notes pdf for engineering chemistry. aryabhatta knowledge university (AKU) is the state university for engineering and related programs in Bihar.

Engineering Chemistry 1st year notes pdf for btech students of Aku, Bihar. This notes will helps you to understand the subject and score good marks in examinations

aku chemistry notes

1. Download the 1st year notes pdf for Engineering Chemistry from the link below.

2. The notes are in Aku btech bihar standard and cover all the topics in the syllabus.

3. The pdf is free to download and can be used for reference purposes.

4. The notes are well organised and have been prepared by experts in the field.

5. The pdf is easy to understand and can be used by anyone who is pursuing engineering chemistry as a subject

aku chemistry notes

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Latest Material Links

Unit 1 atomic-and-molecular-structure
Link – CHEM Unit 1 Notes

Unit 2 spectroscopic-techniques-and-applications
Link – CHEM Unit 2 Notes

Unit 3 intermolecular-forces-and-properties-of-gases
Link – CHEM Unit 3 Notes

Unit 4 use-of-free-energy-in-chemical-equilibria-water-chemistry
Link – CHEM Unit 4 Notes

Unit 5 periodic-properties
Link –  CHEM Unit 5 Notes

Unit 6 stereochemistry
Link –  CHEM Unit 6 Notes

Unit 7 organic-reactions-and-synthesis-of-a-drug-molecule
Link –  CHEM Unit 7 Notes

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Engineering Chemistry free Download

CHEM Notes Pdf Old Material Links

Material 1 Link : Download Here

Material 2 Link : Download Here

The given notes are very useful to the various electrical and electronics courses like ECE, EEE, CSE, IT and all other branches of engineering. The pdf provide an extensive information about the concept that every engineer or student should know to survive in his field.

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