Aku Notes: programming-for-problem-salving (PPS) 1st year notes

In this blog post, we will be providing an overview of PPS 1st year handwritten notes for Aku All Branch pdf download. We will also be discussing the various features and benefits of this academic resource.It has a lot of importance when it comes to the preparation of an academic note

Aku Notes: programming-for-problem-salving (PPS) 1st year handwritten notes

Latest Material Links

Unit 1 introduction-to-programming
Link – PPS Unit 1 Notes

Unit 2 operators
Link – PPS Unit 2 Notes

Unit 3 conditional-branching-and-loops
Link – PPS Unit 3 Notes

Unit 4 arrays
Link – PPS Unit 4 Notes

Unit 5 basic-algorithms
Link –  PPS Unit 5 Notes

Unit 6 function
Link –  PPS Unit 6 Notes

Unit 7 recursion
Link –  PPS Unit 7 Notes

Unit 8 structure union
Link –  PPS Unit 8 Notes

Unit 9 pointers
Link –  PPS Unit 9 Notes

Unit 10 File Handling
Link –  PPS Unit 10 Notes

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PPS Notes Pdf Old Material Links

Material 1 Link : Download Here

Material 2 Link : Download Here

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