Basic electric Engineering Organizer aku | 1st year orgenizer download | Aku orgenizer of all semester

Hey aku, You might have completed one or two semesters of your in electrical engineering or computer science and you have to manage the organizing work for all semester? Don't worry because this page will help you for some paper download and managing work. just do some flow and follow up below.

Basic electric Engineering Organizer aku  | 1st year orgenizer download | Aku orgenizer of all semester

This post is mainly for students but all are welcome. I, personally, struggled to understand orgenizer but this post solve my puzzle and help me alot to get through all the semesters. It contains all major topics required aku 1st sem and 2nd sem semester orgenizer.I have been using basic electrical and electronics engineering organizer for the last one year. I have observed that it is a very useful book for all B.Tech students. Hope you will enjoy it too.

Aku organizer (micro) 30 MB

It's all in one place!! From basic electronics to semiconductors and electronic devices, this organizer will guide you through it all! Each of the tabs contains more specific information under their respective headings, making it easy to use and quick to reference. Be sure to click on the tabs so you get a visual representation of all the material covered.Basic Electric Engineering Organizer is designed for all electrical engineering students to organize their notes in the semester of 1st and 2nd year. This organizer contains basic engineering formulas, theorems, laws and theories for all the units of 1st and 2nd year electrical engineering. In addition to these formulas, this organizer also provides brief introduction of important circuits and topics related with it. It also contains some notes of relevant to the topic.

This site is dedicated to my Engineering notes and also I'm sharing my ebook's on this website. These PDFs will help you in your studies and also they can help you in clearing interviews related to your discipline.

You're so smart, but organizing your class notes is hard. That's why we made this orgenizer aku | 1st year orgenizer download | Aku orgenizer of all semester, with every feature you need to stay organized for the semesters ahead.

⏩ Download the application "Aku" on your phone and experience a new level of engineering organization.


The first year engineering students are continuously facing a common problem "how to manage the semester's engineering notes". I, as a first year student facing this problem started searching for some applications in google playstore. But I didn't find any which can fulfil my needs. So I made an android application which helps the first years to manage their semester's notes in various fields.

✅ orgenizer of all semster

✅ Downloadable Pdf Format

◾︎ View Complete syllabus in one pdf file, no hard copy required

◾︎ Easy to use and save as many times as you want, no more littering your room with paper books

◾︎ Available on Google Drive and Google Docs, 2GB Storage Free

◾︎ 100% Free of cost, no hidden charges

★ ✅ 1st Year Semester-Wise Routine

★ ✅ 1st Year Previous Question Papers

★ ✅ Semester Wise Explanation

★ ✅ Previous Year Paper with Solutions

★ ✅ All Electrical Unit wise PDF Files Download

★ ✅ All Electronics Unit wise PDF Files Download

★ ✅ All Basic Electrical Units wise PDF Files Download

★ ✅ All Basic Electronics units wise PDF Files Download

💡 Start your semester on the right track with this electric engineering organizer!
📝 Includes all the formulas you need to ace your exams
👉 Helps you keep track of assignments and quizzes
🚀 Arrives in a handy binder format, so it's easy to take anywhere


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