NPTEL Soft Skills Week 1 Assignment Answers 2023

Welcome to NPTEL Soft Skills Week 1 Assignment! As you embark on this exciting journey to develop essential soft skills, we understand the importance of acing your assignments. In this article, we will provide you with comprehensive answers to the Week 1 assignment questions, equipping you with the knowledge and expertise to excel. Let's dive in!

NPTEL Soft Skills Week 1 Assignment Answers NPTEL Soft Skills Week 1 Assignment Answers 20232023

NPTEL Soft Skills Week 1 Assignment Answers 2023

1. What are Soft Skills, and Why are They Important?

Soft skills refer to the non-technical, interpersonal skills that enable effective communication, collaboration, and adaptability in a professional setting. In today's dynamic world, soft skills play a crucial role in career success, as they enhance one's ability to work well with others, manage time efficiently, and display emotional intelligence. Employers highly value candidates with strong soft skills, making them an essential aspect of personal and professional growth.

2. The Key Soft Skills Covered in Week 1

Week 1 of the NPTEL Soft Skills course focuses on introducing the core soft skills that form the foundation of the entire program. The key soft skills covered include:

  • Communication Skills: Developing clarity, active listening, and expressing ideas effectively.
  • Time Management: Enhancing productivity by prioritizing tasks and meeting deadlines.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and managing emotions for better interactions.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Working harmoniously with others to achieve common goals.

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1. Proper knowledge of Soft Skills is necessary to achieve success in life. “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved!” is a famous statement about success made by Swami Vivekananda.
  • True
  • False
Answer :- a

2. Soft Skills are also considered as performance skills.

  • True
  • False
Answer :- a

3. In Extra-personal communication, the sender cannot use words.

  • True
  • False
Answer :- b

4. In a communication process, feedback seldom reaches the sender who originally created the message.

  • True
  • False
Answer :- a

5. Communication sent is not always communication received.

  • True
  • False
Answer :- a

6. In intrapersonal communication, the central nervous system works as a medium.

  • True
  • False
Answer :- a

7.When one talks to oneself, which type of communication results?

  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Intrapersonal
  • Interpersonal
Answer :- d

8. Which of the following attributes refer/s to Meta-communication?

  • unintentional
  • Beyond Words
  • Both A&B
  • Zero Communication
Answer :- c

9. Which of the following statements, according to Alfred Adler, is true about the personality development?

  • Humans are primarily sexual creatures.
  • Fictional finalism is a tool for personality development.
  • Every human being does not imitate.
  • Both A&B
Answer :- b

10. Which characteristics among the following is ‘Superego’ according to Sigmund Freud?

  • Compromises with social order
  • Expression of our inherent desire
  • It’s related to moral values.
  • It’s the psychic reality.
Answer :- c

11. Why is one’s technical skill alone not adequate for getting a suitable job in an organization?

  • The recruiter is unable to understand one’s technical skills.
  • The organization is not suitable for him.
  • The recruiter looks for hard and soft skills both in a candidate.
  • None of the above
Answer :- c

12. Organizational communication happens to be both _____________ and ____________.

  • Hostile
  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Biased
Answer :- b, c

13. Which among the following are essential elements of Alfred Adler’s theory of personality development?

  • Endeavour to become superior
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Imagining results before the actual events
  • Communication without feedback
Answer :- a, b


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I access the NPTEL Soft Skills Week 1 Assignment?
A: To access the Week 1 assignment, log in to the NPTEL portal using your registered credentials and navigate to the Soft Skills course page.

Q: Is the Week 1 Assignment graded?
A: Yes, the Week 1 Assignment is graded, and its score contributes to your overall course performance.

Q: Can I retake the Week 1 Assignment if I'm not satisfied with my initial score?
A: No, NPTEL does not allow retakes for assignments. Make sure to put your best effort into your first attempt.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for the NPTEL Soft Skills course?
A: No, the Soft Skills course does not have any specific prerequisites. It is open to all learners interested in developing their soft skills.

Q: Can I collaborate with other learners on the Week 1 Assignment?
A: While collaborative learning is encouraged, the Week 1 Assignment should be an individual effort to assess personal growth.

Q: How often are the NPTEL Soft Skills courses offered?
A: NPTEL conducts multiple sessions throughout the year, giving learners various opportunities to enroll in the Soft Skills course.


Mastering soft skills is an invaluable asset in today's competitive world. By acing the NPTEL Soft Skills Week 1 Assignment, you lay a strong foundation for your personal and professional growth. Remember, effective communication, time management, emotional intelligence, and teamwork are skills that will benefit you throughout your life. Embrace the journey of self-improvement, and you'll witness the positive impact these skills bring to your life and career.
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